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Rhapsodies, by Jake Spatz Rhapsodies is the third eBook from poet Jake Spatz, and stands as his strongest work to date. Fusing the passionate utterance of Melody's Fool with the inventive lyricism of Improvisations, this ambitious group of poems reaches a new register entirely. From the hypnotic opening chant "There's a Rat in the Ivory Cellar," each poem speaks in a dialect of images and objects, weaving a picture of the world that brings color, vitality, and freshness to the forefront. The suite "Still Life with Life Life" gives voice to a whole house of objects, with personal utterances by a senile clock, a prophetic mirror, and a fierce bowl of salt, among others. The breezy and contagious "Brooklyn" welcomes the spring with as many budding sentiments as the season has shoots. And the symphonic finale "Scales in a Throwaway Key" is a massive, wild freestyle ode in the voice of negative space—a magnum opus among masterpieces. It's a banquet of a book. $2.99 USD

Improvisations, by Jake Spatz This second eBook release from poet Jake Spatz features 28 poems in a variety of moods, styles, and forms—from the pure whimsy of "The Man with Ten Different Toupées" and "The Parsley Song" to the searing sonnet "The Sixteenth Morning After" and the unflinching portrait "Comb-Over." A worthy follow-up to Spatz's debut Melody's Fool, Improvisations shows off the range, power, and subtlety of the strongest new voice in American poetry. $2.99 USD

Melody's Fool
Melody's Fool, by Jake Spatz This first collection of poems by Jake Spatz focuses on the traditional poetry of romance, such as rhyming songs and poems that address the beloved. Included here are the fan-favorite sonnets "To a Nihilist," "Wanting Music," and "Piglet," as well as the softly ironic songs "Vago ma non troppo," "The Goners," and "Fortunes." The volume concludes with the rhyming freestyle fragment "Verses for 'Pirithous'," a hilarious riff on Greek mythology originally written for a burlesque show. With its variety and strength, Melody's Fool marks the debut of a powerful and uncompromising new voice in poetry. $2.99 USD

The Expert at the Card Table: Erdnaseum Edition
The Expert at the Card Table, by S. W. Erdnase
Referred to by fans as "the best edition ever," this Charles & Wonder eBook of the classic treatise on card manipulation includes the exact 1902 text, and restores the original 101 illustrations—several of which were doctored in mid-century reprintings. The zany Table of Contents is reproduced in its entirety and adds much needed functionality, enabling readers to jump to precisely the section they want. This edition also features:
  • Foreword by Marty Demarest
  • "Errata" section detailing Erdnase's slips
  • Replica Title, Copyright, and Contents pages
  • $2.99 USD

    Vaping 101
    Vaping 101
    A free beginners' guide to vaping, or e-cigarettes. (Actually a page on this site, offered as a public service.) No price; no ISBN; no special devices or software needed. Just click on the title to view the page. The very brief essay covers the following topics, without getting into technical details:
  • Hardware
  • E-juice
  • Use & Advice
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