Charles & Wonder was created to make quality books that explore new publishing methods and new marketing opportunities. Our goal is to produce better editions at lower cost than has been possible before, without the needs of warehousing and distribution that have limited the business of publishers in the past. We take special interest in editions with unique demands and in projects that require a new creative approach or new research.


Jake Spatz (director) studied literature at Sarah Lawrence College and has worked as a freelance editor in New York and Washington, D.C. He was book critic for The Washington Examiner newspaper, and edited the tango book In Strangers' Arms by Beatriz Dujovne (McFarland, 2011). His main projects include translations of Italian poetry (Leopardi and Dante), original verse and short prose, a series of comic novellas, and a series of historical novels. Jake has also taught Argentine tango professionally since 2006, and is a noted translator of tango lyrics.